Medical Marijuana – Choosing The Right Strain

As the first timer, the variety of product options you can find can seem overwhelming. It is for this reason that it is always necessary to choose one of San Jose’s authorized dispensaries for work. A compassionate and knowledgeable staff will always be key in terms of a positive experience with the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Here are some important things you should know.

The medical case of marijuana began in 1996, when California became the first state to enact medical marijuana laws, called “Proposition 215” or “1996 Compassionate Use Act.” This allowed patients with the recommendation of a real physician to use marijuana therapeutically in the treatment of their diseases.

As additional states also passed their own laws that allow patients to use marijuana on the recommendation of a doctor, the same thing happened. This was normal to use, but no action was taken on how to obtain it.


Various types of cannabis products available are known as strains. Sometimes they are even called varieties. The strains are, in fact, the categorization of several plant species from which medicinal marijuana products are produced. The product tensions correspond to the effects of the effects and the specific experience that they predict to offer the consumer. There are different subtypes of different strains.

Familiarize yourself with the following key classifications of medicinal marijuana strains. This is the disorder from which these strains originate and what types of conditions are most suitable for treatment.

Medical Marijuana

Cannabis hybrids

These plants are planted with a mixture of sativa and indica plants. This leads to a combination and a variety of effects of both types. Hybrid plants are usually prescribed when patients with medical marijuana have very specific needs to relieve symptoms. The ability to customize the effects is what makes hybrid cannabis plants the best varieties for the first times with serious illnesses.

Cannabis Indica 

These plants grow in mountain areas and are shorter and more complete plants. They even have thicker resin coatings that develop as one of the forms of protection. Indica varieties assume their health relaxation benefits, making them an ideal remedy for diseases such as chronic pain or insomnia, as this can help relieve pain and calm nerves effectively.

Cannabis Sativa

These plants are grown in equatorial and superior regions. Sativa varieties for medical marijuana are more vigorous and are designed to stimulate creativity or physical activity. In this sense, Sativa products are taken for diseases such as chronic fatigue or depression.

It is recommended to visit only dispensaries licensed in San Jose, where you can see and receive the tension required according to the symptoms.

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